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We offer the most comprehensive range of down the hole hammers of any supplier in the world, backed up by the strongest support network in the industry. Whether drilling contractors need reliable hammers that keep investments to a minimum, or highest possible productivity to ensure maximum rig output, we have the solution.

EDM produces Geothermal Drills, (DTH) Down The Hole Rock Hammers, (HDH) Horizontal Directional Hammers, Bits, and Hammer Replacement Parts for these industries: geothermal, gas, oil, mining, construction, quarries, and water well.

With DTH drilling the power is always on the ‘Business End’ so you will see a faster rate of penetration in medium to hard ground conditions.
You can expect a longer life from your DTH Drilling equipment, because the hammer does all the work less pressure is required from your Rig.

Rock Hog's DTH Hammers


In September of 2009, Rock Hog introduced its new "HP" Series DTH Hammers.  The results have been rock shattering, to say the least.  In countless numbers of field test comparisons, in a wide array of rock formations, Rock Hog's "HP" DTH Hammers have yet to be equaled. 

Each "HP" Hammer is factory tested to ensure that you receive the same Rock Hog product reliability that you have come to expect, while adding improved performance to your drilling.

The "HP" models are available in 3.5", 4", 4.5", 5", 5.5", 6", 6.5" & 8" diameters and are commonly used in  
water well, quarry, open pit mining, underground mining, construction, blasting, environmental and oil and gas industries.



For efficient down-the-hole (DTH) drilling, Sandvik offers high performance drilling tools to increase your productivity and reduce your total operation cost. Sandvik develops tools in close cooperation with the customers to maximize performance and optimize user experience.

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